B R E A T H I N G , F E E L I N G , H E A L I N G


In stillness all conflict must end. 

- Phillip Urso 


I stumbled my way through adolescence before finding some grounding on a yoga mat a few years ago. This practice gave me stillness and strength, and provided me with a vessel to carry me along a journey of self-love. It guided me into the world of holistic therapies, sacred sexuality and mindful being. With time, courage and patience, these practices have gifted me acceptance and peace, both within myself and throughout my life. They have guided me to cultivate a beautifully nourishing, wholesome relationship with myself, and have pushed me to stepping into my authenticity and power.

I created this space to share exactly this with anyone looking to find a little more love and stillness. To pass on this curiosity, growth and cultivation of self-love. To connect and perhaps inspire others to embark on a similar path to happiness.